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Skateboard Locker History

The Skateboard Locker story began in 1999 when, Mike Greenwald was contacted by a high school nurse from California’s Central Valley. This nurse was looking for a solution to the daily pile of skateboards in her office. After a year of designing, Mike began the production and sales of the “Skateboard Locker.” The design of the Skateboard Locker has been refined a bit over the years, with a major overhaul occurring in 2009 when Mike redesigned the Locker to be even more compact, tamperproof and easily assembled and installed. A longboard model was introduced at this time too.

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The Skateboard Locker
The "Skateboard Locker" is a semi-enclosed metal container in which a skateboarder, using their own lock, can store their board securely during school or shopping. When locked inside the "Skateboard Locker," a skateboard is safe from theft and tampering. Because the "Skateboard Locker" is a semi-enclosed unit, it is not a conducive place to conceal drugs or weapons.

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