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Thanks much for visiting us! Here are a few of the sites around the web that we recommend.

Element YMCA Skate Camp  - Skatebaording summer campThank you for considering Element YMCA Skate Camp as your summer destination. It is a true skateboarder's paradise. For 25 years, Element YMCA Skate Camp has enriched campers lives by providing a safe environment that encourages friendship, communication, laughter, personal growth, and of course, skateboarding. Our wholesome program provides a variety of activities throughout the day to ensure that there is never a dull moment at Skate Camp.

Skate Pass -  Skateboarding as physical education curriculum Our mission is to bring skateboarding into schools across the world to address the growing trend of alternative activities; to emphasize the heart of skateboarding, which includes individual creative expression, cooperation, and friendship; and to support the health and well-being of students.

CreateAskate - Skateboard building in schoolsThe non-profit (501c3) programs provide schools the unique opportunity to offer their students everything they need to make their own personal skateboard deck. Developed as an eight hour hands-on experience, most teachers are finding the program can easily occupy 5 – 10 days of classroom time when presented for 40-80 minutes each day. The entire curriculum is easily adapted to a teacher's individual schedule and ability (No, teachers do not need to be accomplished skateboarders or woodworkers themselves!).

Ohana Board Shop - Great skate shop in San Jose, CAEstablished in 2005, Ohana Board Shop caters to the surf and skate industries by providing only the best in hardgoods, softgoods, shoes, and apparel. Located in San Jose, Ohana Board Shop has become a recognized name in Northern California through its involvement with the board sports community via video premieres, events, contests, and more. Ohana Board Shop is owned and operated by husband and wife team Arun & Anne-Michelle Frances.

Skateboard Daily - Daily skateboarding originated from an informal conversation based on a belief and need for a dedicated worldwide skateboarding site with a daily news service. Inspired by those primary intentions, we launched our site on February 15th, 2003 committed to the goal of delivering daily feeds of unbiased, factual, and up-to-the-minute skate news. To date, has grown to emerge as one of the most reputable and respected online skateboarding news resources in our industry. Our daily stream of news, contest results, links, images, and product reviews come from numerous years of involvement as skateboarders and our many viewers' regular contributions. We're dedicated to skateboarding, its community, and the events and happenings that course through its lifeblood through and through.
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Skateboard Lockers

The Skateboard Locker
The "Skateboard Locker" is a semi-enclosed metal container in which a skateboarder, using their own lock, can store their board securely during school or shopping. When locked inside the "Skateboard Locker," a skateboard is safe from theft and tampering. Because the "Skateboard Locker" is a semi-enclosed unit, it is not a conducive place to conceal drugs or weapons.

3-locker layout
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