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"The Skateboard Lockers have been a success. They've made things easier on the office staff. The kids are happy to have a place to store their skateboards."
Lead Campus Supervisor - Herbert Hoover High, El Cajon, California

"Now the skateboards are organized, and no longer a tripping hazard."
Mathew Jordan - Building Services Supervisor - Pacific Beach Middle School, Pacific Beach, California

"The students really like them! They think the skateboard lockers are cool. Students feel like the lockers are theirs, so they take good care of them. They're convenient and full almost every day. I'm very happy."
Jan Johnson - Assistant Principal - Green Acres Middle School, Visalia, California
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Skateboard Lockers

The Skateboard Locker
The "Skateboard Locker" is a semi-enclosed metal container in which a skateboarder, using their own lock, can store their board securely during school or shopping. When locked inside the "Skateboard Locker," a skateboard is safe from theft and tampering. Because the "Skateboard Locker" is a semi-enclosed unit, it is not a conducive place to conceal drugs or weapons.

3-locker layout
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