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Schools, Libraries, Malls across North America Agree:

Skateboard Lockers is #1

• Ships mostly pre-assembled with install instructions.

• Constructed of rugged, rustproof galvanized sheet metal.

• There is no hiding of objects in skateboard lockers.

• Removable for future relocating.

#1 Skateboard and Scooter storage solution.

#1 Securely stores 99.9% shapes/sizes of skateboards.

#1 Patented tamper proof and anti-theft design.

#1 Replacement for office closet check in and outs..




Over 150 U.S. & Canada School districts have approved Skateboard Lockers as their #1 choice!

LA Unified School District (Principal)

“I never skateboarded, but I realize how many kids do these days to and from our school.  We provided closet and special shelves to check them in and out daily. Skateboard Lockers took this off our plate and saved us 80 hrs of admin time over the course of the school year.  The lockers paid for themselves and gave us more space.“

San Diego Unified School School (Supervisor)

“We’ve had Skateboard lockers for 10 years and they are still going strong.  Kids today never know they never existed.  Glad to have those boards out of my office.”

Central Florida (Teacher)

“Students can’t hide anything inside of them, but their skateboards are viewable and safe.  Parents love that since skateboards and scooters can cost a lot of money sometimes."

Pikes Peak Library (Mgmt)- Colorado

"Super glad we got them.  We didn't allow skateboards  inside the library and  that wasn't good for kids trying to come to learn.   It was a win-win!  It's how they get around!"

Parent (PTA)  Houston, TX.

"We tried other storage racks in the past, but the skateboards were exposed and we learned one tool could be 

used to unhook all the components to every single skateboard leaving the rack useless.  The lockers have solved

that issue 100%."

What some Students are saying across the country

"My parents drop me off or pick me up on bad weather days only.  They are happy"

"I have a clearer mind when I arrive for school after exercising by riding by board before classes"

"There are as many of us that skate as ride bikes to school.  Glad we have a place to put our stuff too!"

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