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Our Mission

Mike Greenwald, Founder

"To provide destination storage solutions that enable more boys and girl skateboarders / scooter riders to have a safe and secure location to store their transports in public places."


  • Easily assembled and installed.

  • Students feel supported in their choice of commute to and from school and other locations.

  • Solves issues of loose skateboards & Scooters all over campus or against walls.

  • More skaters = less vehicle traffic and a cleaner school environment.

  • Great for libraries, teen centers & malls.

Our History

Mike Greenwald (Founder) grew up in an era when skateboarding

was exploding in both popularity as well and  for being used for transportation. Skateboarding grew from 3 Million in the US to over 13 Million boys and girls participating age 6-18.  Skateboarding was as popular as riding bikes and is the norm to this day.  You can't go anywhere without seeing skateboarding and you can barely find a corporate commercial without a skateboarder in action.


Mike spent years advocating for kids to have a storage space at school for their skateboards just like bikes had.  The problem was there were no rack or storage areas other than closets and back rooms where schools checked student's skateboards in and out daily. This took an hour or so daily for an administrator.


Foreseeing the need for a better solution, Mike took his fabricating skills and designed the first-known locker designed specifically for safely securing the storage of skateboards and eventually collapsable scooters. He founded Skateboard Lockers in 2003 and Patented his design with the United States Patent and Trade Mark

Office in Washington DC.


Today Mike enjoys designing Skateboard Locker products as well   as designing and building skateparks around North America.  He is an advocate for education and ensuring the world at large is there for future generations. Skateboard Lockers contributes to variety of educational advocacy organizations.


Skateboarding contributes immensely  to Mike's  philosophy.

Mike Greenwald, Founder & Inventor

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